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Achieve goals faster with the #1 virtual assistant and digital marketing team serving the Speaking industry

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Speakers, Authors and Coaches, we work with want to



but are consistently challenged by the same things.



It’s hard to find a reliable assistant and marketing team to help you execute

fast time


There’s not enough time to do it all yourself (or to hire and train someone to do it well)



It feels impossible to find someone who can execute timely and also has a solid knowledge of your industry

“By 2025, the professional and motivational speaker and coaching industry is expected to grow 4.1% percent and be worth $2.3 billion.”

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33% of public figures have doubled their revenue by adding one to three people to their team

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Most public speakers rate themselves 4.5/10 when it comes to marketing their businesses

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73% of speakers and coaches say a strong email marketing strategy is their best marketing channel for ROI

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What happens when you have the right team in place to support your biggest vision?

When you only have to say it once and the vision is immediately understood and executed upon, your energy and attention are freed up to focus on all the bigger things you want to do.

Then the sky’s the limit to what you can achieve.

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That’s where Prodigi comes in…

We wouldn’t say we’re the best (but our clients would.)

With over 20 years in digital marketing, online business management, and executive assistance serving leaders, visionaries, and changemakers we’ve:

life insurance

Served as Executive Assistants and Creative Directors

to luxury real estate developers with portfolios valued over $1.6B.

back in time

Supported event management with brands

like Microsoft Office 365, DreamWorks, Warner Bros, NBCUniversal, and many more.

payment method

Directed events working with top

celebrity chefs throughout the country


Developed and launched some of the most

successful online courses like StageTime University


Supported some of the leading international

Keynote Speakers in the industry

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Step 1


When you tell a reliable support person your vision, the steps to achieve it become crystal clear.
We begin by understanding your complete vision as a series of actionable, measurable steps.(You speak visionary, we speak to-do list.)


Step 2


Create a plan of action and timeline that you don’t have to follow up on.We will determine the high-value activities only you can do, and build a plan for reliably off-loading the tasks that are slowing you down.(Basically,get you to stop doing the things you hate doing.)


Step 3


When excitement and passion drive your attention and energy, you reach goals faster.When your momentum is matched with a trained team who is obsessed with execution, you accelerate your impact at a far greater rate(Massive vision achieved,What’s next?)

When You Accelerate Your Impact™

By Hiring the Right Support Team …

You Can Expect Life-Changing Results

Result 1

You spend work time doing only the things you love most and do best.

Result 2

Your impact consistently grows at a fraction of the effort

Result 3

Your online presence grows through social media without you having to create and manage it

Result 4

You hit milestones on time, on budget, and on-brand

Result 5

You enjoy the life you have created and the impact you have on the world

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We can help you clarify your vision and goals. Download our FREE Visionary Plan Workbook, based on Steven Covey’s principles for highly successful people.

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