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Create a buzz online and get people talking about your Nonprofit brand in the first three weeks of starting Mission Impact Accelerator. Gain a deep understanding of audience demographic and behavior. Then clone the audience acquisition system, over and over again!

Reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks by at least 25%!

Increase Social Media results by at least 20%!

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Double ROI in 6 months with increased donor and advocate support.

Increase social media engagement by 200-400% and use it to drive sales.

Get your site optimized for SEO!

Design beautiful emails without a costly designer.

Deepen your existing relationships and engagement.

Grow the circle of influence (i.e. email list and sponsor partners) by 400-600%

Dial in your call to action and put it to work for you.

Launch an online ads campaign, including the FREE Google Grant.

Create a target audience profile from audience demographic and behavior and use it to grow.

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“Prodigi is very unique because they work only with nonprofits and know all of the intricacies to make one successful. They did a very good job with our website and fundraising.”

Dr. Camran Nezhat
Worldwide EndoMarch

“They are an extension of my own team. Prodigi completely elevated our social media and U-Turned a shrinking follower base. Within 90 days we were seeing 5% increase in followers and engagement.”

Fran Solomon

“Before Prodigi, we had only an Annual Report. Now we have press and social media reaching millions, a dynamic website, a weekly newsletter, and a statewide event.”

Thais Lopez Vogel
VoLo Foundation

“The systems are incredible. It’s like they were in my office, knew exactly what we were struggling with, and how to fix it.”

Julie Mills

“The years of dedication, training and insight that have been compressed into 6 weeks has transformed the way I do my job.”

Christina Myers

“Worth its weight in gold! Our nonprofit is forever changed now that we navigate digital marketing tools like Pros.”

Sharika Kellogg
25/8 Mom
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“I know the struggle because I’ve lived it.”

I’m Shannon Maganiezin, Founder and CEO of Prodigi Marketing and host of GIVE – A Philanthropy Podcast. Prodigi is a team of digital marketing superstars; nonprofits and foundations hire us to be outsourced CMO for their organizations. We have logged successes like multimillion dollar App launches aimed at grieving young adults and child sponsorships; we have built interactive web platforms connecting women and girls who suffer from a common health problem; we have raised $100,000 in 30 days for cancer patients and so much more. In our great success, we noticed a big problem.

Since we only work with a handful of clients at any time we were leaving behind so many mission-driven organizations, which if they knew our systems and processes, could drastically increase their mission impact, help more people or animals or the environment, and make this world a much better place for all of us.

For the first time ever, we are publicly sharing our trade secrets, which we’ve crafted over 20 years of learning and studying under the best mentors, like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Russell Brunson (ClickFunnels), and more. Because of your relationship with us through the GIVE Podcast we are offering you a seat at the table. In addition, we are extending a “Founders Special” to you and your team, this one time only.