Ep 02 – Boys and Girls Club

Fallon Brewington presents the Boys and Girls Club of Sandhills. This top-rated chapter of the Boys and Girls Club of America gives economically disadvantaged children in their area the opportunity to succeed in their lives. Remember to share this episode.  Be inspired. GIVE.                                                                                 .

Boys and Girls Club of Sandhills

Fallon Brewington

Today we bring you Fallon Brewington of the Boys and Girls Club of Sandhills.  The Boys and Girls Club of America is a long-standing, incredible non-profit that puts kids on the path to success, despite coming from backgrounds and communities with little access to resources needed.  The Sandhills chapter of this organization is achieving incredible levels of success in their community. 

Based in Southern Pines, North Carolina, the Sandhills chapter serves 2000 youth in their area and helps to serve over 62,000 in the entire state.  They provide a safe place for kids to go after school and in the summertime.  The kids receive a meal, homework help, activities and more while participating in the program.

The graduation rate of students participating in the Boys and Girls Club programs in 98%.  That number is staggering considering the economic disadvantages and lack of access to resources that these children have.  Boys and Girls Club alums such as Denzel Washington, @shaq and @jlo rave and are huge supporters of the program.

How can you help?

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