Ep 03 – B Uneke

Episode 03 of the GIVE Podcast brings you Mary Brotherton and Jennifer East of B’Uneke. They inspire world changers and spotlight those people who make a difference on a micro or macro level.

Mary Brotherton

Jennifer East

Peace Corps – B’Uneke – Digital Magazine

Today we bring you Mary Brotherton and Jennifer East of B’Uneke Magazine – a digital magazine brought to you by the Peace Corps.  The magazine aims to inspire world changers and people who want to make a difference on a micro or macro level scale in their communities by telling the stories of the changemakers of today

The digital magazine is free for all but can be ordered in print version for a fee, which benefits this nonprofit organization.  Writers from around the world contribute their stories to the magazine, which are either put in the publication or if impact is needed immediately, it’s put on the blog. 

Today Mary and Jennifer will tell you some of the stories of their contributors.  From neighborhood superstar Sammy Vance who recycles bottle caps to Two Blind Brothers, who operate a business to fight retinal disease, it is our hope that these stories will inspire you as they have inspired us.

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