Ep 04 – Brown Dog Foundation

Episode 04 of the GIVE Podcast brings you Carol Smock of The Brown Dog Foundation. Too many families make a devastating decision to euthanize their pets due to medical costs. Brown Dog exists to bridge the gap.

Carol Smock

Brown Dog Foundation

Today we bring you Carol Smock, Founder/CEO of the Brown Dog Foundation, an organization founded in 2006 when she found herself in a devastating situation – her beloved dog, Chocolate Chip was diagnosed with cancer again- and she had just lost her job. 

Unfortunately, this is an experience shared by too many Americans.  The Brown Dog Foundation works to bridge the gap between the cost of medical care and saving your pet.

Carol found that in an emergency vet setting, pet owners decide on average 7 times a day to euthanize their pets due to the cost of treatment.  In a typical vet setting, it happens 10-15 times a week.

The fact is, most working Americans can’t put together $400 for an emergency.  So, organizations like The Brown Dog Foundation are critical to families throughout the United States.

They have helped countless families save a beloved family pet.  Today you will hear the touching stories of two pets, Hercules and Ally, that will warm your heart.

How can you help?

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  • Donate and ask others to do the same
  • Buy their book – Brown Dog
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Where to find the Brown Dog Foundation:

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