Ep 06 – Dancers Against Cancer

Episode 05 the GIVE Podcast brings you Amanda Meek of Dancers Against Cancer. Supported by the #beautiful Olivia Newton-John, this is an invaluable resource for young dancers, their families and dance instructors when cancer strikes.

Today we bring you Amanda Meek of Dancers Against Cancer, an organization founded in 2012 when a member of their team was diagnosed and ultimately lost her battle with brain cancer.

Cancer is a huge problem in the world today and is often classified accurately as an epidemic.

The dancing community is largely made up of self-employed individuals – and when a cancer diagnosis comes, there are no sick days to turn to – and little insurance in place.

Dancers Against Cancer provides assistance and support to dancers and their families who are dealing with the reality of a cancer diagnosis.

Dancing studios have the opportunity to support the cause by becoming a “Hope Studio” with an annual $1,000 donation. The community of Hope Studios is active and supportive. Studios often host an annual event, special show or do something similar to raise the funds, usually exceeding the goal and these funds, in turn, are used to save a life.

.Watch this video (hyperlink: to see how much good this nonprofit and your support can provide.

We’re thrilled to bring you this amazing story and encourage you to follow and support the cause in any way that you can.

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