Ep 07 – HealGrief

On today’s episode of the GIVE Podcast, we bring you Fran Solomon of Heal Grief. This foundation helps millennials, especially college students –  deal with and process grief.  18-25 year-olds are a forgotten generation when it comes to bereavement services and this organization gives them the skills to cope.

Today we bring you Fran Soloman of, a non-profit organization that helps millennials and college-age students deal with and process grief. The team at also works to ensure that universities across the nation have adequate support and policies in place to allow students the time they need to deal with their loss.

Unfortunately, over ½ of the population of young adults ages 18-25 are grieving.  That is an astounding number and it is compounded by tragedies like mass shootings, terrorism and war, that we are all too familiar with.

This age group is often forgotten when it comes to grief and the fewest bereavement services are available to them. Leaving grief unchecked and unsupported can result in these young adults feeling forced to make a choice that could change their lives forever.  They may turn to alcohol, drugs, bad peer influences, drop out of college – all issues that would change their path forever.

That is where’s program, Actively Moving Forward comes in.

Actively Moving Forward is a service for 18-25-year-olds who are dealing with grief.  Through activities, exercises, community and peer support, and a new App, AMF hopes to give these students and young people suffering from loss the help that they need to cope with their grief.  Their AMF App launches in the first part of 2020 and will lead to a greater impact.

The process of grief has no end.  It’s critical that we help the growing number of youth facing these difficult times by actively moving forward. 

How can you help?

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