Ep 09 – KnowledgeWorks

On today’s episode of the GIVE podcast, we bring you Chuck Ambrose of KnowledgeWorks.  This nonprofit is dedicated to preparing each and every student for future success through a personalized approach to #education. Check out their education forecast to see the future of learning. Available here: 

Today we bring you Chuck Ambrose of KnowledgeWorks, a non-profit dedicated to preparing each and every student for future success through a personalized approach to education.  During his 35 years in higher education, specifically as a college president, Chuck saw the real need that his organization aims to meet.

If you think about the education system in the United States, the fact is that it hasn’t changed since it was developed – well over 100 years ago.  That needs to be addressed.  Let’s face it – times have changed – dramatically.  Children and adults have access to information like never before – and learning has turned into more of a life-long process, as opposed to the typical K through college curriculum.

KnowledgeWorks partners with learning communities to ensure each student graduates ready for what’s next. They are creating the future of learning and changing the education culture to prepare each student for future success through personalized learning.

Check out their published forecasts, available below, that give an overview of where education stands at different points in time.  These forecasts and more are made available to local policymakers and educators to incite change. Download their toolkits and share them with lawmakers and teachers in your community to implement personalized learning, a key aspect to education as it stands to today.

How can you help?

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  • Download the Forecast and share it with policymakers and educators in your community
  • Download the toolkit and create a community in your area
  • Spread the word!

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