Ep 16 – Fine Print Funding

Fine Print Funding is creating financial equity in the college application process. With the support of donors like yourself, founders Chantal and Justin, have been bridging the opportunity gap for low income students. They are creating a “pipeline of hope” for students who get lost in the fine print of the college going process. Fine Print Funding is shifting community expectations and giving tangible hope for students who have worked diligently through high school but lack the financial resources needed to continue their deserved quality education. Check out the podcast live on 3/2/2020.

Fine Print Funding

Chantal and Justin Crompton

Today we bring you Chantal and Justin Crompton, founders of Fine Print Funding out of San Diego, California. This nonprofit creates financial equity in the college application process. More low income high school students are graduating than ever before, but rates of low income students making the leap to college have stayed stagnant.  The data is clear: there’s an opportunity gap. Low income students are getting lost in the fine print of the college going process.

Chantal is an English teacher who witnessed first-hand the hardships that low income students faced when it came time to apply for colleges and take their AP exams. Many of her students lacked the financial resources required to apply to college. She created a “pipeline of hope” for her students by creating a Go Fund Me to raise enough money for 60 seniors to apply to all of the colleges that they worked so hard for. She and her husband then created the Fine Print Funding nonprofit in order to continue to send more students to college and shift expectations in the community for academic success.

In order to help Fine Print Funding send more underserved students to the college they deserve  follow them on social media, share their story and make a donation that can change the lives of many! By getting involved and sharing why this cause is so important, you will give more hard working students the opportunity to achieve and succeed.

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