Ep 18 – Clean Cruiser Project

Today on #GIVEPodcast we interview a true visionary – Steven Ploog, co-founder of @CleanCruiserProject. Steven and co-adventurer Nathan Stewart, embarked on an #expedition from Paso Robles, California to Panama in two renovated Land Cruisers – all while staying #carbonneutral . Their team has planted over 10,000 trees and showcases that you can enjoy what the world has to offer while still being environmentally conscious. Listen now:

Clean Cruiser Project

Steven Ploog

Today we bring you Steven Ploog, co-founder of the Clean Cruiser Project. This nonprofit began with two rusty Land Cruisers, a couple of beers and a dream to embark on a 60-day overland expedition from Paso Robles, California to Panama. Steve and his co-founder, Nathan Stewart, completed their trip carbon neutral, with the mission to encourage individual carbon footprint reduction and promote conservation efforts. 

In order to offset the carbon emission from their trip, they calculated they would have to plant 200 trees. Taking it a bit further, the Clean Cruiser Team planted over 600 trees to offset the carbon emissions produced by their 2019 expedition through Central America. The co-founders partnered with multiple reforestation sites to showcase the different ways to utilize the forest as a carbon sequestration method. Their journey caught the eyes of many supporters, and the founders have partnered with Outside Magazine to produce an upcoming eco-adventure series. 

The Clean Cruiser Project is focused on creating a more sustainable future through reducing carbon footprints, offsetting carbon emissions and utilizing biodiesel. Their story is an inspiring reminder to follow your dreams and get involved! The Clean Cruiser Project urges you to start using biofuels, biodiesel and support reforestation efforts to give back to our precious planet. 

How can you help?

  • Donate to plant more trees
  • Share their story
  • Support reforestation efforts
  • Use biodiesel/biofuel 

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Be inspired.  GIVE. 

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