Ep 23 – Jupiter Inlet Foundation

Home to #endangered wildlife, pristine white sandy beaches, and a fascinating history are just some of the unique qualities that comprise the #Jupiter Inlet. Today on #GIVEPodcast, we welcome Vivien McLean Bunce of @JupiterInletFoundation and learn more about the importance of preservation and conservation along these distinctive coastlines and waterways.

Jupiter Inlet Foundation

Vivien McLean Bunce

Today we are thrilled to introduce Vivien McLean Bunce, core member and Outreach Coordinator of the Jupiter Inlet Foundation. Known for its small-town beachy vibe and pristine white sandy beaches, the Jupiter Inlet borders the Atlantic Ocean on the southeastern coast of Florida. The Jupiter Inlet Foundation is dedicated to the conservation of the natural resources along the many waterways in Jupiter and helps to preserve its history and archaeological assets.

The Jupiter Inlet is home to Johnson’s seagrass, which is the first and only Marine plant species to be listed under the endangered species act. This seagrass plays an integral role in balancing the marine ecosystem by providing nutrition to turtles and manatees, serving as a nursery for many species of fish, and helping to filter the water and keep it sparkling blue. Jupiter also houses the Suni Sands, which is an archaeological site built on top of a prehistoric Indian village, that is eligible for inclusion on the national register of historic places.

Palm Beach County’s waterways total annual economic output was measured at $874 million, giving good reason to protect it. The Jupiter Inlet Foundation is educating the public on the unique qualities of the Jupiter Inlet, raising awareness, and making sure to protect this area for the long term. 

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