Ep 24 – Putnam County Community Foundation

Empowering Individuals to help the Community Thrive. Today on #GIVEPodcast , we welcome Brandon Wells of the Putnam County Community Foundation and learn about their incredible programs, partnerships and bright opportunities they are creating within their community. A little bit of good, can truly impact and transform the lives of many.

Putnam County Community Foundation

Brandon Wells

Today we are excited to introduce Brandon Wells, executive director of Putnam Community Foundation in Indiana. This foundation was founded in 1985 and serves to empower individuals and help the community determine how they can address their County needs. Putnam County Community Foundation administers funds, awards grants, provides leadership, enriches quality of life and strengthens the community in Putnam County and beyond. 

Putnam County Community Foundation is hyper-local which allows them to be able to partner with local stakeholders and fellow community citizens to better understand what their true needs are, and then impact them fairly quickly. With 16% of children living in poverty, and only about 20% of their population having a Bachelor’s degree or a technical certification that leads to a great career, education is a huge priority. They create incredible programs like Clover You, which gives each classroom a specific College theme, teaching them about specific programs they offer, as well as expanding their minds to bright new possibilities. 

Community foundations are a priceless asset and if you have one nearby definitely connect with them! They help with goal setting, scholarships and ultimately help the community thrive. Putnam Community Foundation invites you to be the change and do your little bit of good where you are, so we can truly transform all communities. 

How can you help?

  • Donate
  • Start a fund
  • Connect with your local Community Foundation 
  • Volunteer

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