Ep 25 – Operation Women Empowered Build Strong

Rebuilding Lives through Empowerment, Camaraderie, and Community Support. Today on #GIVEPodcast, we are honored to speak with #veterans Sandy Blair and Caity Casey of @OperationWEBS. They are transforming the lives of women veterans through immediate housing assistance as well as, creating a long-term #tinyhouse community on wheels.

Operation Women Empowered Build Strong

Sandy Blair and Caity Casey

Today we are so excited to speak with founder Sandy Blair and communications director Caity Casey, of Operation Women Empowered Build Strong. As veterans themselves they are on a mission to create safe and affordable, high quality housing solutions for women veterans. They provide immediate housing solutions, while also creating a long-term farming tiny house on wheels community.

Sadly, female veterans are the fastest growing segment of the homeless veterans within our population. Both Sandy and Caity experienced hardships transitioning back into civilian life after their time in the service. Women who have served our nation are being left in the shadows, and unfortunately many end up couchsurfing, in abusive relationships, living out of their car, and even on the streets. Operation WEBS serves to teach women they are not alone. They are supporting and empowering women to rebuild the lives they deserve.

Operation Women Empowered Build Strong is making a huge impact with their tiny home community. You can help deliver a self-sustaining, eco-friendly, vibrant farming community which offers the empowerment, enrichment, independence, comradery, and security that our Veteran heroines deserve and desperately need to aid in their successful transition back to a comfortable level of civilian normalcy after military service. Check out their website and see how you can support those who gave everything to serve us. 

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