Ep 27 – Second Chance Cocker Rescue

The Cocker Spaniel is one of the most intelligent and loving companions out there. Today, on the #GIVEPodcast , Liz Schmitz from @SecondChanceCockerRescue enlightens us on all of the ways we can help support these amazing furry friends and their counterparts.  Are you ready to help save lives one dog at a time?

Second Chance Cocker Rescue

Liz Schmitz

Today on the GIVE Podcast, we welcome Liz Schmitz, the community outreach coordinator of Second Chance Cocker Rescue. This California based nonprofit is saving lives one Cocker Spaniel at a time. Second Chance Cocker Rescue provides medical examinations, neuter/spay services, fostering programs, behavioral testing and sanctuary programs to help save these beautiful animals. 

The Cocker Spaniel is one of the most intelligent and loving companions out there. Unfortunately, many dogs are in desperate need of human intervention. Second Chance Cocker Rescue provides love, resources and continues to save dogs from terrible situations, like the  Asian meat trade. They have pulled their first litter of puppies from China last year, and truly gave them a second chance at an amazing life. 

Second Chance Cocker Rescue is always looking for volunteers, sanctuary parents, and donors to help support their mission. You can help from home doing mico-chip data entry, or even volunteer in the construction of their new sanctuary in Jamestown, California. All of your efforts help make it possible to keep more dogs out of the kill shelters in California. Remember – Adopt Don’t Shop , and always spay/neuter your furry friends! 

How can you help?

  • Volunteer
  • Foster a Cocker Spaniel
  • Subscribe to Newsletter 
  • Become a Monthly Donor
  • Buy a Memorial Brick

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