Ep 28 – Inner City Innovators

Dealing Hope to Inner City Kids. Today, on #GIVEPodcast , we have the pleasure of speaking with the founder of ,  Ricky Aiken. His network of “Hope Dealers” is inspiring at-risk youth to help eradicate youth delinquency and end gun violence in Palm Beach County, Florida. Listen now to see how you can get involved!

Inner City Innovators

Ricky Aiken

Today we are thrilled to welcome Ricky Aiken, the founder of Inner City Innovators. Based in Palm Beach County, Florida this nonprofit aims to eradicate gun violence and youth delinquency. Ricky and his network of Hope Dealers are empowering and inspiring inner city youth to embody the change they want to be in their communities.

Growing up in Palm Beach County himself, Ricky was exposed to a tough upbringing surrounded with addiction, alcoholism and gun violence. Instead of following the sometimes predetermined path of the disadvantaged, he sought a different path to follow. Inner City Innovators has about 30 Hope Dealers between the ages of 15-24 years old. While a staggering 40% of these individuals have been shot as a result of gun violence, not one has participated in retaliation due to the guidance of the Inner City Innovators. Ricky and his team live by the philosophy “Real change happens when the people who need it, lead it.” 

Through strategic and specific targeting of individuals likely to participate in retaliation, Inner City Innovators has been able to suspend violence, create jobs and save the lives of countless young adults in the area. Ricky is a self taught entrepreneur and is always looking to connect with other nonprofits and people who support this amazing cause. See below to see how you can get involved today! 

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