Ep 30 – The Joy of Membership

Coming 6/29/2020 ! 

Today, on #GIVEPodcast  we are so excited to speak with expert thought leader, Joy Duling, of the Joy of Membership. Her successful consulting agency takes a deep dive within nonprofits, associations and trade groups in order to mindfully grow your audience around important community driven causes. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to reach more people and  take them on your amazing journey!

The Joy of Membership 

Joy Duling

Today we are honored to welcome expert thought leader and founder of The Joy of Membership, Joy Duling. All nonprofits and organizations aim to gather a community around what they are trying to accomplish or solve – that is where Joy’s expertise comes in. The Joy of Membership works alongside nonprofits, organizations and trade groups to create innovative membership design and experience in order to take as many people as possible, on a unique journey.

Over the years Joy has served in almost every possible role that you can have as a nonprofit, including a volunteer, committee chair, program manager and executive director for 10 years. Her extensive involvement in the nonprofit and service realm have given her deep insight into the importance of membership support and experience design. The Joy of Membership helps membership based organizations to reach goals faster through the curation of unique growth paths that lead more people to the “summit” or the nonprofits goal. 

The Joy of Membership is a phenomenal resource to help mission-focused, membership-based organizations take on exciting new projects and grow their community of supporters and advocates. The Joy of Membership has been successfully helping clients since 2005. Check out her website below for valuable workshops to help scale your nonprofit! 

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