Ep 33 – The Black Organizing Project

Today, on #GIVEPodcast, we are thrilled to speak with lead organizer Jessica Black, who is from The Black Organizing Project. Both she and the organization work tirelessly as advocates for kids in the Oakland School District to keep them safe and happy at school, without the presence of police officers policing their hallways. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about their mission and how you can help!

The Black Organizing Project

Jessica Black

Today we are honored to welcome Jessica Black, the Organizing Director of Black Organizing Project.  The Black Organizing Project reaches across generations to shed light on Black and Brown children’s experience with police officers being stationed in and around the schools in Oakland, California.  They are working towards an environment where supportive adults the are the authority figures in the school, rather than police officers.

The Black Organization Project is focused on providing a safe environment in schools, with parental involvement, that gives kids the best possible chance at a well-rounded education.  The program, called The Bettering Our School System, has already seen success in the Oakland Unified School District.  Its focus is on both investing in alternative models of school safety that do not rely on the police and ending the criminalization of Black and Brown students by the police officers that work there.

The Black Organization Project is an amazing resource to help the kids in Oakland grow without the stress and trauma of having police officers stationed in their schools.  Kids thrive in an environment that they feel safe in and, reportedly, officers in schools does not make them feel safe.

How can you get involved?

  • Visit social media to participate in current campaigns and goals
  • Check out their website for People’s Pledge
  • Donate
  • Look into what you can do locally and support grassroots organization

Be inspired. GIVE.

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