Ep 38 – The Wooden Floor

Today we are thrilled to welcome Dawn Reese to the #GIVEPodcast.  Dawn is the CEO of The Wooden Floor. This creative, inspiring, and successful nonprofit serves young people in the Orange County, California area through the power of dance.  The ultimate goal of The Wooden Floor is to break the cycle of poverty through generational change.  So far, an incredible 100% of their graduates have gone on to higher learning after high school.  Make sure you tune in to this fascinating episode.

The Wooden Floor

Dawn Reese

Today on the GIVE podcast we are excited to chat with Dawn Reese, the CEO of the Wooden Floor.  The Wooden Floor is an afterschool nonprofit that serves young people from low-income communities through the power of dance.  The ultimate goal of this nonprofit is to break the cycle of poverty through generational change.  The kids that they serve are about 98% Latino and come from impoverished families in Orange County, CA. 

The Wooden Floor isn’t just after-school dance classes.  They are with the kids in the program for 10 years.  All the way to college.  This organization not only teaches dance but tutors academics, teaches social skills, and helps the kids get into college.  Participants in the Wooden Floor have a staggering 100% acceptance rate to get into college.  The Wooden Floor works with the community to give these kids the best shot they can to break the cycle of poverty in poor families.

The Wooden Floor is located in Orange County, CA- but recently opened a sister organization that does the same thing in Washington DC.  They currently have 475 children involved in their program in the two cities and hope to expand their reach.  This nonprofit is almost entirely funded by private donations and does an excellent job planning for the future of their organization and the kids’ future.  

Here is how you can get involved:

  • Donate
  • Volunteer
  • Spread the word on social media

Be inspired.  GIVE.

Here is how to find The Wooden Floor

Website | Instagram | Facebook

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