Ep 42 – Hillside Wellness Center

Today on the #GIVEPodcast we are speaking with Dr. Irene Yaymadjian from the Hillside Wellness Center in California. The Hillside Wellness Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to delivering affordable mental health therapy to help promote positive mental health and social-emotional outcomes for residents and their families within their community.  They do this through both group and individual therapy, as well as many classes to help local residents who are struggling. 

Hillside Wellness Center

Dr. Irene Yaymadjian

Today on the GIVE podcast we are speaking with Dr. Irene Yaymadjian from the Hillside Wellness Center in California.  Hillside Wellness has three different programs that help people in need.  They currently have a postpartum program, an LGBTQ TIA program, and a cancer patient caretakers support group.  These three programs provide support to people who are struggling to connect to others by offering licensed therapy and group counseling sessions.

Postpartum depression is a common issue that no one likes to talk about.  Women typically are embarrassed to get help- because they feel like this disconnect between themselves and the world around them from not being able to be happy with their situation, when society is telling them they should be thrilled.  The Hillside Wellness Center takes these new moms under their wing and make sure they get the healing that they need.

Hillside Wellness is there for the entire community.  They are located in San Fernando Valley in California – but as long as patients are willing to come to them, they will make sure they get the help they need.  Anyone can walk into their facility and get the help they need without the steep price tags that are usually associated with therapy.  The patient pays what they can afford.

Ways to get involved with Hillside Wellness Center

  • Volunteer
  • Donate
  • Spread the word

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