Ep 45 – Science Connected

On today’s episode of the #GivePodcast, we welcome Kate Stone of Science Connected.  Science Connected is an amazing non-profit whose mission is to provide free and low-cost learning materials so that anyone – regardless of their economic background, can have access to science education.  They offer a free weekly newsletter – visit their website and subscribe today and share this amazing organization with your network.

Science Connected

Kate Stone

Today on the GIVE podcast we are speaking Kate Stone, founder, and CEO of Science Connected.  Science Connected was created to help make learning about science accessible to everyone, regardless of your economic or social background.  They believe that education is critical in making informed choices, being successful members of society, and acting as responsible stewards of the planet. 

The fact is, access to education is simply not equal across the board.  Poorer communities lack resources to foster learning and the learning materials that they need to educate.  This results in students choosing not to continue on to college or those that do continue on choose not to pursue an education in the STEM areas.  With jobs in these areas exploding as technology improves, this results in a lack of educated adults available to take these often high paying and high demand jobs.

Science Connected provides all different types of educational material on their website – both for free and for a small fee.  These resources include books, PDFs, and fun science experiments for children.  In the wake of the current pandemic, these materials are now being requested from Science Connected by not only educators but also parents who are looking for ways to educate their children at home. Your donations help to fuel the development of these vital resources for everyone.

Ways to get involved with Science Connected

  • Donate – every donation helps!
  • Buy the publications
  • Share the magazine + resources

Be inspired. GIVE.


Where to find Science Connected:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


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