Ep 46 – Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary

On today’s episode of the #GivePodcast, we are thrilled to bring you Sarah Cooperman of Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary – a non-profit organization dedicated to helping wildlife who are injured or displaced due to habitat destruction.  They aim to rescue, rehab and release.  You’ll love hearing Sarah’s stories of their rescues.  Listen, share, and be inspired!  #Give

Rockfish Wildlife

Sarah Cooperman

Today on the GIVE podcast we are speaking with Sarah Cooperman of Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary.  Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Virginia and its mission is to educate the public on how to properly and safely co-exist with wildlife in their area and also what to do if you encounter wildlife – injured or not.  They also rehabilitate and rescue animals in their area who are injured or trapped.

Human-wildlife conflict is the primary reason that organizations like Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary are needed around the country.  The result of human-wildlife conflict is typically habitat destruction, which can even take place in your backyard.  In nearly all cases, the suffering that results falls upon the animal, not the human.  

The fact is, every animal plays a critical role in our ecosystem, and it’s our job as good stewards of the environment to protect the animals in the spaces that we’re moving into.  Animals provide free ecosystem services to the world for their entire lives.  For example, bats provide free pest control and reduce the need for harmful pesticides and creatures like vultures help keep the environment clean.  

Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary’s mission is simple:  rescue – rehab – release.  If you are in need of wildlife services, use Google to find your local wildlife organization to help assist you with the issue.

Ways to get involved with Rockfish Wildlife

  • Donate financially
  • Volunteer (you get to feed animals if you’re local!)
  • Amazon Wishlist on website

Be inspired. GIVE.


Where to find Rockfish Wildlife

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