Ep 47 – Steps Foundation

On today’s episode of the #GivePodcast, we’re excited to bring you Abigail Ellis of Steps Foundation. Steps Foundation is an incredible foundation whose mission is to help the youth in their community through mentoring programs, life skills programs, and social engagement programs. Listen in and hear all of the amazing things that they do – then spread the word and share this episode. #give

Steps Foundation

Abigail Ellis

Today on the GIVE podcast we are speaking Abigail Ellis of Steps Foundation, an amazing organization that focuses on empowerment and community for youth and young adults. They provide mentoring, family engagement, and life skills programs at no cost to the community to create a brighter future for youth in the community.

In the age of technology, family engagement has become a challenge.  Parents aren’t sure how to have difficult conversations and children can become socially disadvantaged from a focus on devices instead of true engagement.  Steps Foundation provides engagement opportunities to families and youth to help facilitate difficult conversations and foster a community that have the strong social skills that they need to be successful.

Steps Foundation also provides much-needed Life Skills programs.  This includes simple things such as resume writing, understanding finances and credit, and other things that are often overlooked by parents who lack the time or even the understanding themselves that is needed to educate their children.  

Ready to get involved?  Here’s how you can help:

Ways to get involved with Steps Foundation

  • Sponsor a student for the year
  • Cover workshop costs
  • Volunteer

Be inspired. GIVE.


Where to find Steps Foundation

Website | Facebook | Instagram


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