Built Your Platform.

Grew Your Audience.

Made an Impact.

Now take it to the next level by doing more of what you love and outsourcing what you don't.

Digital Marketing and Virtual Assistance for Public Speakers, Coaches, and Authors

Imagine what’s possible when all the boring (yet important) tasks are handled by someone else.

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“By 2025, the professional and motivational speaker and coaching industry is expected to grow 4.1% percent and be worth $2.3 billion.”

Why Prodigi?

Professional and motivational speakers, coaches, and authors choose us for our expertise and proven ability to help them reach the next level through compelling digital marketing, online communication, and general outsourcing of their boring (yet important) tasks. We help them reach impact goals by growing their audience online, informing more people about their mission and deepening relationships with existing followers. We also help them liberate their time and energy by handling the ticky-tasks so they can realize more of their vision. With a consistent plan in place our clients enjoy ROIs up to 4,100% and unparalleled career satisfaction. They do more of what they love to do – expand their offerings and do more good in the world.

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