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Our Process


Our process to increase impact and lift donations breaks down into 4 steps.

1. Run A Complete Digital Audit

Our investigative researchers work to uncover and discover what people are saying about your brand – if they’re saying anything at all. We analyze your website, social media channels, back-end email lists, analytics and sometimes we dust off your old files, too.

2. Present A Strategy

Present a strategy for taking your foundation or nonprofit to the next level. Define your brand’s voice, outline the story, clarify your current and future audience, and share design ideas.

3. Execution

We get to work. This is our favorite step, because projects goals and milestones start to take shape.

4. Management

Once the strategy is executed we will manage your digital collateral (your website, social media channels, email blasts and press) or we’ll train your staff to do it.

Would you like to learn a system that will improve donor communication, increase your mission’s impact, and lift your donations by 500%?

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Are you currently connecting with your followers? Are you growing your contact list with new advocates every month? We will build you a system to improve communication, increase impact and significance, and increase your donations. If you love the system, you can execute it yourself or hire us to do it.

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