Our system is affordable and modular. There is a solution for every budget. These are the specifics of what we do:


Digital Marketing Services

Service 1: Website, SEO & Blog

  • Audit of entire website for content, performance, SEO, links, etc (performed at start and every quarter)
  • WordPress “Elementor theme” management, plugins and security updates, repair broken links, moderate and respond to blog interaction, update content on webpages
  • SEO-researched blog articles with images (300-500 words), promoted in other modules
  • Create, test and manage existing and new email capture forms for new subscribers and customers

Service 3: Social Media Management

  • Authentic social posts for LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that share a brand message and create a brand voice. 20 Posts/month. Researched, scheduled and analyzed.

Service 2: Newsletter & Drip Emails

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Drip emails - nurture and sales sequences - content, copy, build on GHL, and delivery (one per quarter)
  • All-Inclusive account under our agency in Go High-Level for CRM, email marketing, SMS marketing, drip sequences and more. Some add-on services + fees will be required based on selection of services.

Service 4: Need some, but not all? Build a mix n’ match digital marketing module

  • We’ll also Analyze Google Analytics, social insights and email marketing reports to define target audience. Identify and consult on lead generation for new potential subscribers and customers.
  • Monthly comprehensive Marketing and Communications Report and expert summary.


VA Services

Service 5: Event Management

  • Keynote presentation development and updates
  • Coordinate between event planners and your team
  • Plan and schedule events
  • Moderate and manage webinars, teleseminars, online conferences and virtual summits
  • Manage and distribute event replays
  • Track and monitor event signups and attendees.

Service 7: Online Community Management

  • Moderate and manage online communities on social networks, forums, pages, apps and profiles
  • Post to online communities
  • Source opportunities for community growth

Service 6: Radio Show Management & Podcast Production

  • Podcast/Radio Show Production: Manage all aspects of podcast production
  • Research and coordinate guests, maintain scheduling calendar, guest asset acquisition, prep episode questions or script
  • Zoom Management, Admit and welcome guests, prep booking questions, support during recording
  • Audio engineering and professional editing, copywriting, scheduling podcasts, Libsyn management and analytics

Service 8: Need something else? We are equipped to handle most executive assistant tasks. Build a mix n’ match virtual assistance module

  • Manage email inbox and calendar
  • Support with video production (not incl filming)
  • Mail or email sales pitch and welcome packages
  • Coordinate teams, on your behalf
  • Set-up systems, apps, tools, project management solutions
  • And most other virtual assistant tasks

Have a bigger vision? We also offer custom contracts.

Accelerate Your Impact™


When You Accelerate Your Impact™ By Hiring the Right Support Team:

Result 1

You spend work time doing only the things you love most and do best.

Result 2

Your impact consistently grows at a fraction of the effort

Result 3

Your online presence grows through social media without you having to create and manage it.

Result 4

You hit milestones on time, on budget, and on-brand.

Result 5

You enjoy the life you have created and the impact you have on the world


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